Join the Club.

My sister and I recently got very fed up with lady razors (razors that are made for women.) We went to buy more razor head replacements, realized that we were going to spend 12 dollars for 3 or 4 razors that weren’t going to last us very long. We left buying some cheap disposable razors and grumbling all the way out of the store. Funny story, we had accidentally been sent a couple months worth of razor heads from Dollar Shave club, we got home, saw those sitting in the corner and just went ahead and bought a subscription. A lot cheaper and the razors look really awesome.

This is not the first time I’ve noticed something cheaper in it’s “male version” that actually worked better too. I’ve used shampoo/conditioner/shower gel combos out of boys’ showers that work (and smell) fantastic, boy’s sweatshirts were always more comfortable to wear and never that expensive since usually there aren’t brand names stamped all over them, and of course there was always the debate growing up that boys’ toys were just a little bit cooler than girls’ toys.

There are whole articles about the price differences between products for girls and boys. Reddit users have gone through a list of items that are better from the men’s side of the aisle than the women’s. All you have to do is google men’s products vs women’s products to see that the topic is a popular one.

I think most of us know why. Women are more likely to impulse buy, we are more likely to buy things that look prettier even if they’re the same product the men are using in a different color. Men want cheap things that work and that’s what they tend to get. And the unfortunate result of all of this is that women are paying way too much for our “prettier” products.

This women is ditching some of the glitter and pink (I never really liked pink anyways) for a more rugged look around the house. I have no shame in being a Dollar Shave Club member, and I have no shame buying products that are marketed toward men if they work just as well as the women’s products for a fraction of the price. What really is so wrong about that? Maybe I’ll go ahead and buy some of that shampoo/conditioner/shower gel combo stuff to go with my fancy new razor.

Ladies, what are some products targeted towards men that you prefer to use? Guys, are there any ladies products you’d like to try?

Things You Need to Be an Adult

Don’t you wish there was a how to book on being an adult? Half the struggle of life is figuring out what is expected of you. I’m here to help ease that pain by telling you six things you need to be an adult.

  1. Picture frames. There are some pretty cute dorm rooms out there but what I have noticed when I go to real houses is that no one tapes up posters to their wall anymore? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that if we have to take those posters down, it’s our plaster we are ruining not the college’s… Not sure what it means if you just have the frames leaning against the wall waiting to be put up.
  2. Extra light bulbs.
  3. A planner. I experimented with google cal for a few years and that was cool but then I would be talking to someone and wouldn’t be near a computer and it would just be awkward because I couldn’t make any solid plans. I probably made the person feel like I was avoiding going on a date with them. I currently am waiting for my planner to come in the mail and these last couple days of January have been confusing.
  4. Facebook. People make fun of Facebook but how creepy is it when you try to find someone on Facebook and they don’t have one? I know my friends and I immediately must think that person is so weird. While I get not wanting to put yourself out there it just seems important for keeping long-term connections. Maybe this is why I find it hard to connect with people… I need technology?
  5. A driver’s license. A lot of my friends in New York and New Jersey don’t have one. I get that public transportation is cool but also it’s just a life skill. Everyone should be able to help a buddy out who is too drunk or be able to save themselves in a zombie apocalypse. Also, not being able to drive outside of the tri-state area makes you become dependent on other people and it’s kinda weird.
  6. A checkbook. I admit I still need to Wiki How how to write a check.

I refuse to put things like jump cables or a barbecue on this list. I pay good money for roadside service and I’m really afraid of getting electrocuted and also I like being invited to people’s houses to barbecue and socializing but then being able to leave at my convenience and take a nap. I feel like having road side service and wanting to take naps is very adult.


Today was such an adult day.

When I arrived back to the airport after my winter break, I found my car’s battery was dead.

Okay, that’s fine, I thought. I called up some people and I got it jump started. Cool! I made my hour trek back home and along the way my radio kept turning on and off… That’s really weird.

I stop at my mailbox and see that my boyfriend had given me some meme shirts (so maybe it wasn’t that much of an adult day?).


Once I got back in the car though it wouldn’t start and kept wining at me. That’s when I knew that those radio breaks where actually my car not being able to jive with the battery.

Also, I called my mom and she told me so.

By then, all the businesses where closed so I had to wait until today to actually do anything about it which was stressful in itself. For some reason, I’ve noticed that I tend to want to fix emergencies right away just to relieve the pressure. Oftentimes, it’s impossible though.

Once the tow truck service arrived the next day and I saw I didn’t get a ticket for where I parked, I was able to take a step back and I grabbed my Amy Poehler book and just accepted that the day was going to go one way and I had little control over it.

Luckily, it was the battery like expected so they were able to fix it the same day. I ended up paying a little over 300, which was not ideal but as far as car problems go it was okay…

The pain was lessened as a few of my new friends from work picked me up for lunch and we had cheap burgers and Cajun fries at Fat Boy & Skinny’s. While Cajun fries aren’t comparable to my favorite food, cheese fries, they were good albeit saltier than your normal French fries.

Moral of the story, the day wasn’t ruined and my car is okay and I’m not stressed.

Iimage1(1)n other news I decided to do Stitch Fix. It’s good for me because I live in the middle of nowhere. The closest mall is an hour away with nothing in-between. Having gone to college in New York, this was hard to adjust to so I compromised with myself and signed up for a stylist. Plus, how cool is it to say I have a stylist?

The way it works is you pay 20 dollars for someone to look at your Pinterest board of clothes and then take a quick survey that essentially asks you to explain your look. They send you a box of five things. I opt for all clothes, one being something quirky or surprising but you can also request jewelry or bags.

If you buy something, the 20 dollars goes towards that. For example, if a shirt is 40 dollars and you buy that from the box, it is now 20 dollars but if you buy nothing, it does cost 20 to have had them send you a box.

image6They provide a prepaid bag for you to send back the items you don’t want.


The reason why I’m mentioning this is because not only does it give me a chance to show off my purchases but also I think it’s a good way to make a ‘bad’ situation better. I get to participate in a fun stylish service even though I don’t live in a stylish area. Where I’m stationed is said to be the worst post in the Army. I feel like I can overcome that though with these small rebellions.

Perhaps the common theme is to just be flexible and to make do with each situation you’re in which is very hard for me to do sometimes and I’m not sure if I can sum that up in one word. Perhaps it’s a type of humility or just being positive?

I like that my blood type is B+ because they sew it on to your Kevlar and spell out the positive so I’d like to think when people look at me I’m like a happy bumper sticker telling them to keep smiling.

Maybe ‘blood type’ will be my word for 2016.