Cool Cat Girl

While everyone is writing about goals for the New Year, I’ve found myself really focusing on wanting a new cat.

I’ve just moved into my new apartment. It’s pretty nice. A little pricey but two stories, two bedrooms, two and a half bath, and a big living room and kitchen. I don’t know if it’s because I’m crazy or I just keep meeting crazy people but I can’t bring myself to get roommates. In college, my roommates were the best but it took me a few trials to be happy. I get really annoyed at weird stuff.

This is why I need a cat.


Me on Christmas morning with my parent’s dog who is not a cat.

It’s funny because I have always self-proclaimed myself to be a dog person. There is just such a ‘cool girl’ connotation to being a dog person. For me, it conjures up images of drinking beer with the boys and being ready to go camping at a moments notice. I have always wanted to be that girl.

Unfortunately, I have an unpredictable work schedule. Dogs require a yard and probably would prefer I come home at lunch and end work around 5PM. The Army life wakes me up at 5AM and then I am randomly in the field overnight.

It just wouldn’t be fair for the dog.

For some reason though, almost every person in the Army owns a dog. I’m not clever enough to figure out how they manage that so I’m going to have to let go of wanting to be just the cool girl.

Cool Cat Girl sounds a lot cooler.

Plus, cats seem pretty awesome. They play yet don’t try to tackle you and are fairly quiet and good for apartments. Taylor Swift also is a cat person.

Of course, I need to prepare. Litter box, food, adoption fees, and shots… I think that will all be a pretty penny. I also know I should be responsible and have an emergency fund for it… like health care? How does that work? It all seems so stressful but I already bought a food and water bowl for a cat so I’m deeply committed now.

Right now, the plan is to get the cat in February. I have a lot of stuff at work in January but I should be settled and finally finished unpacking by then. Perhaps, a Valentine’s Day gift to myself? …said the Cool Cat Girl.

I can’t wait for my cat Instagram to become super famous. This time next year I’ll be selling Miriam the Cat 2017 calendars so please plan they are the perfect stocking stuffer.

Things I Need To Do Before Getting a Cat

  1. Cat proof the house. Apparently you can add sticky stuff to couch and furniture corners to make the cat grossed out about scratching your stuff? I also need to probably figure out a better way at keeping cables. I haven’t read that but I assume that cables would be a lot of fun to chew.
  2. I need to buy the toys, catnip, scratching posts, and then boring things like adoption fees and neutering.
  3. Figure out where I want cat to poop. What bathroom will be sacrificed for the smelly litter?