Join the Club.

My sister and I recently got very fed up with lady razors (razors that are made for women.) We went to buy more razor head replacements, realized that we were going to spend 12 dollars for 3 or 4 razors that weren’t going to last us very long. We left buying some cheap disposable razors and grumbling all the way out of the store. Funny story, we had accidentally been sent a couple months worth of razor heads from Dollar Shave club, we got home, saw those sitting in the corner and just went ahead and bought a subscription. A lot cheaper and the razors look really awesome.

This is not the first time I’ve noticed something cheaper in it’s “male version” that actually worked better too. I’ve used shampoo/conditioner/shower gel combos out of boys’ showers that work (and smell) fantastic, boy’s sweatshirts were always more comfortable to wear and never that expensive since usually there aren’t brand names stamped all over them, and of course there was always the debate growing up that boys’ toys were just a little bit cooler than girls’ toys.

There are whole articles about the price differences between products for girls and boys. Reddit users have gone through a list of items that are better from the men’s side of the aisle than the women’s. All you have to do is google men’s products vs women’s products to see that the topic is a popular one.

I think most of us know why. Women are more likely to impulse buy, we are more likely to buy things that look prettier even if they’re the same product the men are using in a different color. Men want cheap things that work and that’s what they tend to get. And the unfortunate result of all of this is that women are paying way too much for our “prettier” products.

This women is ditching some of the glitter and pink (I never really liked pink anyways) for a more rugged look around the house. I have no shame in being a Dollar Shave Club member, and I have no shame buying products that are marketed toward men if they work just as well as the women’s products for a fraction of the price. What really is so wrong about that? Maybe I’ll go ahead and buy some of that shampoo/conditioner/shower gel combo stuff to go with my fancy new razor.

Ladies, what are some products targeted towards men that you prefer to use? Guys, are there any ladies products you’d like to try?

The Food Photography Struggle

This past semester, I decided to take a food photography class for fun (it wasn’t required for my major). I ended up in a love/hate relationship with this class, while I found myself to be decent at food photography and I liked it enough, it really changed my outlook on the food industry in a… not so positive way.

I mentioned in my first post that food photography has changed the way I look at food advertisements, menus, anything that has a picture of food for consumer purposes has become tainted to me. I can’t pick up a package of food with a picture on it without judging the image. Reading menus isn’t simple anymore when my eyes are drawn to the images deciding whether or not I think they’re decent (though I don’t pretend to be an absolute expert on the subject.)


Salad from Tourist Home restaurant in Flagstaff, AZ. Liz Marko Photography

You start to look at things like, is the lighting good? Is the image too busy? Can I see flaws in the food? How did the photographer set up the shot? How well was the food styled? Being a photographer, in general this side-effect isn’t just noticeable with food, I find myself critiquing pictures on Christmas cards, magazines, advertisements in the mall… but I think it’s been more noticeable with food because food photography can be so picky.

After going through the class, I’ve found myself wondering if I’d like to do more food photography along with the product photography I’ve been finding myself enjoying more lately. Food photography is something that is widespread, you can use it for a lot of different purposes. Books, blogs, magazines, restaurants, the list goes on for places that need photos of food.


Chocolate Milk Splash. Liz Marko Photography 

Though I would love to start my own food blog, I sadly do not know near enough about food itself to do that… I just know how to make it look pretty. Perhaps somewhere in my job search I’ll manage to find somewhere looking for a food photographer. I think if I ever did food photography in a professional setting, the one thing I would really want to make sure I have is a food stylist. Food isn’t the easiest product to manipulate, it doesn’t always do what you want it too. While I have had no problem steaming veggies to make the color pop or getting messy for those splash pictures, sometimes it would be nice to have someone come in to give the food a makeover in advanced.