Everyday Better: Blogging

This Post I talk about how I want to get my life together and one way to do that is to separate into categories and blogging is one of my categories.

The reason I want to be good at blogging is because I enjoy writing in general. Most blogging tips say that in order to have a good blog, you have to have one topic. If you do it that way, a person who is interested in make-up finds your blog because of your make-up post then keeps clicking and following because you have more make-up posts and now, they become a follower. You lose them because if you only have one make-up post and the rest are about hiking, why would they care?

I figured by making this blog with Liz I would have the freedom to write what I want to write about without the pressure of having to stick to something besides what I know best, my life. This way, I can see trends of what I write about because honestly, I don’t know what type of blog I want to have next year.

I really love lifestyle blogs likeĀ nicoleantoinette.com but even she has a niche… goal setting and working out. Other blogs like laurenconrad.com… I’m not even sure, being girly and stylish I guess?

What do they have in common though? A lot of content and good writing and in blogs like Lauren Conrad’s, great photos and how-tos.

What can I control? I suppose photos and content. Ironically, I took none of the photos in the post yet I love photography. I already see a way to improve! And I role models now too.

Pretty soon I’ll have my own high end make-up brand like Lauren right?

Blogging is fun though because I do creep on a lot of people’s blogs and my new goal is for every blog I read a whole post from, I leave a comment because blogging is also about networking and being able to talk to people because it is a public space.

With my busy schedule, I think the way to meet my goals is just to produce content so I’m ahead, then when I find time, write more. I need to write even if it’s not my day to post because who knows what my schedule will be like the next day. At the same time, I need to breathe and proof read and add fun photos because this isn’t a journal, it’s a blog. Even when I briefly interned at a blog site, we had to put photos but the word count wasn’t a requirement just photos and quality content, not quantity.

Anne is Back

Why the hiatus?

Life got hard. Or at least, I think it did. It’s difficult claiming that when sometimes I feel like I just really need a swift kick to the butt.

It’s still January and I couldn’t hold this down. But, while I was in band with Liz I did learn that repetition makes practice and practice makes perfect. My handy theology major taught me that 40 days of consistently doing something makes something a habit and once something is a habit, it’s a lot easier to do. This is the idea behind things like Lent anyway.

So, I think I will write everyday even if that just means scheduling posts so I don’t interfere with Liz’s day.

Do you see what I just did? I told you the problem and came up with the solution.

Life did get hard though. I’m sure if my boss was reading this he would laugh out loud though and call me a baby…

I guess I’m really not used to working so much. In college I probably worked as many hours if not more, but I got to spread it out. I purposefully would schedule myself a two hour lunch to hang out with friends and nap. Some days I would even just schedule night classes so when my friends were studying I could knock out a 3 hour class and in the day time just go to the gym.

Now, that flexibility isn’t as true. The Army is interesting in the fact that I don’t get paid hourly. I get paid monthly so it doesn’t matter how many hours I work, I just need to get my taskings done. Sometimes, I could honestly get done by noon and other times I need to work ’til 10 at night. Because I’m still new and figuring out this Army thing, oftentimes these last few months, I found myself in the office until 9 at night… not horrible but way past the time my favorite burrito shop closed.

It’s also hard because being in the Army is about people and honestly, most of my soldiers don’t have to be with me that late to complete stuff. My stuff a lot of the times is admin paperwork so I need to utilize my daylight hours with them in the field and then once they go home I can type up the 30 memos I need.

My days where I get to be with my soldiers are my favorite. It does get hard to remember that though when I’m reading something called a ‘technical manual’ trying to figure out how to write a memo and what exactly I should be doing.

I learned that the hard way. Part of my job is being the arm’s room officer. NCOs and officers get additional duties on top of their normal duties to make the unit effective. Arm’s Room Officer means I have to keep the room where we store weapons secure and in compliance with state and federal law. That means any vents leading into that room needs to have security bars over it and the keys need to be inventoried and secure and the people that have access to the key to the key box don’t also have access to the arms room.

Crazy stuff that makes sense but you didn’t realize had to be in effect, or at least I didn’t.

So here we are, an Anne that wants to figure out life but an Anne that needs to manage her time better.

You know you love me,

xoxo Gossip GI Girl