Classic Anne Move…Overspending

I knew that I was spending a lot but I wasn’t really sure how and thus, couldn’t really figure out how to cut back.

While laying in bed doing nothing, I found an app called Mint and after categorizing each transaction from my one credit card… I now know.

Ignorance is bliss because oh my goodness.

As you can see… I’m in the hole. In my defense, I did go on a big vacation in December but it seems I still haven’t pulled out of it. In the pie graph is also seems I really enjoy shopping.

The good news is things like shopping and eating are easy to identify what I need to do to stop these spending habits. For shopping, I just shouldn’t be buying frivolous stuff. I think I’m still going to keep doing Stitch Fix. My last fix was in January but I have one coming to me in March.

I don’t need to keep buying things like Kate Spade purses or cardigans though. Fact of the matter is I only get to dress up on vacation and the weekends so I need to start buying stuff in that manner. Even makeup is pointless.

I already know my fast food habits are disgusting but it’s even worse to know that the cost of it is adding up. I can definitely make groceries last two weeks with 100 dollars and with fast food twice a day, I blow through 100 in one week.

Traveling is also something I adore but I know I splurge on hotels and dining. Also, I really under utilize things like groupon and coupons. In my mind, I know what I want to do and I just buy that option instead of shopping around or investigating cheaper vacations.

In my opinion, this is such a classic 23 year old thing to do. I’m just so blinded by getting a real paycheck for the first time in my life I really just acted like a kid in a candy shop.

Also, I’m lazy.



Join the Club.

My sister and I recently got very fed up with lady razors (razors that are made for women.) We went to buy more razor head replacements, realized that we were going to spend 12 dollars for 3 or 4 razors that weren’t going to last us very long. We left buying some cheap disposable razors and grumbling all the way out of the store. Funny story, we had accidentally been sent a couple months worth of razor heads from Dollar Shave club, we got home, saw those sitting in the corner and just went ahead and bought a subscription. A lot cheaper and the razors look really awesome.

This is not the first time I’ve noticed something cheaper in it’s “male version” that actually worked better too. I’ve used shampoo/conditioner/shower gel combos out of boys’ showers that work (and smell) fantastic, boy’s sweatshirts were always more comfortable to wear and never that expensive since usually there aren’t brand names stamped all over them, and of course there was always the debate growing up that boys’ toys were just a little bit cooler than girls’ toys.

There are whole articles about the price differences between products for girls and boys. Reddit users have gone through a list of items that are better from the men’s side of the aisle than the women’s. All you have to do is google men’s products vs women’s products to see that the topic is a popular one.

I think most of us know why. Women are more likely to impulse buy, we are more likely to buy things that look prettier even if they’re the same product the men are using in a different color. Men want cheap things that work and that’s what they tend to get. And the unfortunate result of all of this is that women are paying way too much for our “prettier” products.

This women is ditching some of the glitter and pink (I never really liked pink anyways) for a more rugged look around the house. I have no shame in being a Dollar Shave Club member, and I have no shame buying products that are marketed toward men if they work just as well as the women’s products for a fraction of the price. What really is so wrong about that? Maybe I’ll go ahead and buy some of that shampoo/conditioner/shower gel combo stuff to go with my fancy new razor.

Ladies, what are some products targeted towards men that you prefer to use? Guys, are there any ladies products you’d like to try?

Excited to be Awake

It’s the last day of January. Has anyone else ever noticed that as you get older, time goes by a lot faster? I wonder if that’s because we are capable of remembering more, or if we’re more aware of time in general? I remember as a kid, 5 minutes seemed to be the longest period of time. “5 more minutes” meant something profound. Today, 5 minutes goes by without much thought. It’s weird.

I read a post online recently where someone was saying they miss the feeling of being excited about being awake. Like when you’re too amped about something that’s going to happen to fall asleep or when you stay up late because you’re so elated about life. I miss that feeling too. I feel like I thought high school sucked for a majority of the time I was in it, but really when I think about that time when I was just excited about life, that’s what comes to mind. That’s the last time I can really remember being able to wake up and really get out of bed right away because there were people I wanted to see or places I wanted to be.

I’m not sure when things changed, but now it seems like I never get out of bed right away when my alarm gets up. It’s a struggle to get through the day, sometimes I have an event to look forward to, sometimes I don’t and I just trudge forward. But I think by doing so, I definitely miss the point of living.

When we’re in school (before college, generally) there’s a routine, your life moves forward on a regularly greased wheel, there’s not a whole lot of fear of what’s ahead, but when you become an adult (whenever you consider that to happen), that changes quick. You are expected to grease that wheel of life, make your own routine and face the fear of what’s ahead in a timely manner. I haven’t really done well with this, to be completely honest with you… actually when it comes to proper adulting, I really suck at it.

So here I am, a mere four months and some change before the real world hits me like a truck. What do I do to change things around? What differences in my life do I pursue to make sure that I want to get out of bed every morning? I’ll keep searching for the solution, and I’ll keep you all in the loop if I discover the secret. Maybe there’s some internet research that I can do.


In other news, it is thunder-snowing in Flagstaff right now. If I have to commute in an insane amount of snow tomorrow morning, I will be sure to document that and share it with you all.



I’m better at being a laser fox than I am being an adult.

Things You Need to Be an Adult

Don’t you wish there was a how to book on being an adult? Half the struggle of life is figuring out what is expected of you. I’m here to help ease that pain by telling you six things you need to be an adult.

  1. Picture frames. There are some pretty cute dorm rooms out there but what I have noticed when I go to real houses is that no one tapes up posters to their wall anymore? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that if we have to take those posters down, it’s our plaster we are ruining not the college’s… Not sure what it means if you just have the frames leaning against the wall waiting to be put up.
  2. Extra light bulbs.
  3. A planner. I experimented with google cal for a few years and that was cool but then I would be talking to someone and wouldn’t be near a computer and it would just be awkward because I couldn’t make any solid plans. I probably made the person feel like I was avoiding going on a date with them. I currently am waiting for my planner to come in the mail and these last couple days of January have been confusing.
  4. Facebook. People make fun of Facebook but how creepy is it when you try to find someone on Facebook and they don’t have one? I know my friends and I immediately must think that person is so weird. While I get not wanting to put yourself out there it just seems important for keeping long-term connections. Maybe this is why I find it hard to connect with people… I need technology?
  5. A driver’s license. A lot of my friends in New York and New Jersey don’t have one. I get that public transportation is cool but also it’s just a life skill. Everyone should be able to help a buddy out who is too drunk or be able to save themselves in a zombie apocalypse. Also, not being able to drive outside of the tri-state area makes you become dependent on other people and it’s kinda weird.
  6. A checkbook. I admit I still need to Wiki How how to write a check.

I refuse to put things like jump cables or a barbecue on this list. I pay good money for roadside service and I’m really afraid of getting electrocuted and also I like being invited to people’s houses to barbecue and socializing but then being able to leave at my convenience and take a nap. I feel like having road side service and wanting to take naps is very adult.