5 Long Distance Relationship Tips

  1. Admit they’re hard. It’s okay to tell your significant other you’re having a rough day or month or year with the relationship. You can admit that it’s hard and it hurts. You’ve got to talk about it.

  2. As much as possible, have a date when you can see each other again. Nothing is more frustrating or detrimental to a LDR than not knowing when you’re going to see the person next. Even if it’s something crazy like a year and a day, at least you have that so you can start counting down the days. It’s more reassuring to be able to mark off calendar days to seeing each other than to just be up in the air and unsure.
  3. If you plan Skype/Facetime dates, don’t flake out. It’s easy to have a last minute invite from friends who live in your area and to tell your significant other that you’re going to have to raincheck, but imagine what they’re going through. If it’s too last minute, they might’ve already cancelled plans just to talk to you and now they’re sitting at home alone and lonely. It’s okay if stuff comes up occasionally, but try your best to truly honor plans made in advance.
  4. Determine how you want to spend your money. My boyfriend and I know that it’s really important we not only see each other, but go on fun and often exotic vacations. This means that when we see each other, it often costs a pretty penny. Because of this, we agree ahead of time that we don’t really do things like Christmas or Birthday gifts. We might get each other something small but we would rather splurge on a hotel room and a nice dinner.
  5. Let them truly in on your life. I always let my boyfriend know about the people in my life by name so then I can be like, “oh my goodness, Mike did x, y, and z today” and even though John has never met Mike, he can start putting names to people and feel like he’s really understanding what’s going on.

The Other Lent Post

I’ll let you in on a secret, I stole the topic idea for this post from Anne. It seems like I’m writing about Lent first, but really she did, so I won’t take that credit. However, Lent starts today, so I’m writing about it today.

Growing up, my family went to Catholic Church, so Lent is familiar to me. But recently, I’ve been a part of a non-denominational Christian community, one that doesn’t really follow all of the stricter, traditional practices that Catholics go through every year. So Lent has been a little lax as of late.

Going from being Catholic to Non-Denominational is like being a kid away from home for college for the first time. You have to wonder what rules to follow and you get to really address why. Now, to clarify, part of the reason I’m Non-Denominational is that I never really felt all the “traditions” at the Catholic Church seemed right to me. Not right as in correct, but right as in they didn’t fit me and my faith. It’s a complicated concept, but here I am.

But I think Lent is actually one of the practices that the Catholic Church follows that I liked. The idea of sacrificing something for 40 days, just like Jesus had gone without for 40 days while tested after he was baptized, always makes me feel closer to God. It makes the celebration of Easter a bit more special too, which is something that I think needs to be revived in my life.

I had been thinking for a while that I should bring the practice of Lent back into my life, but wasn’t sure what to give up (or pick up) for the 40 days. I did some searching online for ideas, and found one that I really liked that I thought would be challenging for me.

I found buried in a list of other great ideas, one person said that for Lent, they wanted to really focus on treating their body as a temple. This is such a great concept in my mind, because it goes way beyond just wanting to give up sweets or soda (though those are also great!) I liked the concept so much, I’ve decided to pick it up as my 40 day “challenge” if you will.

So what does this mean for me? Well, I’ll be making sure to treat my body much better than I have recently. I’ll be fueling it with healthy food, hydrating it well, taking care of my hair and skin, building up my strength through exercise, staying away from toxic people, avoiding toxic thoughts, keeping up my appearance and doing my best to stay bright. Hopefully by the end of the 40 days, all of this will be habit and my temple will stay strong all year long!