Excited to be Awake

It’s the last day of January. Has anyone else ever noticed that as you get older, time goes by a lot faster? I wonder if that’s because we are capable of remembering more, or if we’re more aware of time in general? I remember as a kid, 5 minutes seemed to be the longest period of time. “5 more minutes” meant something profound. Today, 5 minutes goes by without much thought. It’s weird.

I read a post online recently where someone was saying they miss the feeling of being excited about being awake. Like when you’re too amped about something that’s going to happen to fall asleep or when you stay up late because you’re so elated about life. I miss that feeling too. I feel like I thought high school sucked for a majority of the time I was in it, but really when I think about that time when I was just excited about life, that’s what comes to mind. That’s the last time I can really remember being able to wake up and really get out of bed right away because there were people I wanted to see or places I wanted to be.

I’m not sure when things changed, but now it seems like I never get out of bed right away when my alarm gets up. It’s a struggle to get through the day, sometimes I have an event to look forward to, sometimes I don’t and I just trudge forward. But I think by doing so, I definitely miss the point of living.

When we’re in school (before college, generally) there’s a routine, your life moves forward on a regularly greased wheel, there’s not a whole lot of fear of what’s ahead, but when you become an adult (whenever you consider that to happen), that changes quick. You are expected to grease that wheel of life, make your own routine and face the fear of what’s ahead in a timely manner. I haven’t really done well with this, to be completely honest with you… actually when it comes to proper adulting, I really suck at it.

So here I am, a mere four months and some change before the real world hits me like a truck. What do I do to change things around? What differences in my life do I pursue to make sure that I want to get out of bed every morning? I’ll keep searching for the solution, and I’ll keep you all in the loop if I discover the secret. Maybe there’s some internet research that I can do.


In other news, it is thunder-snowing in Flagstaff right now. If I have to commute in an insane amount of snow tomorrow morning, I will be sure to document that and share it with you all.



I’m better at being a laser fox than I am being an adult.

Anne is Back

Why the hiatus?

Life got hard. Or at least, I think it did. It’s difficult claiming that when sometimes I feel like I just really need a swift kick to the butt.

It’s still January and I couldn’t hold this down. But, while I was in band with Liz I did learn that repetition makes practice and practice makes perfect. My handy theology major taught me that 40 days of consistently doing something makes something a habit and once something is a habit, it’s a lot easier to do. This is the idea behind things like Lent anyway.

So, I think I will write everyday even if that just means scheduling posts so I don’t interfere with Liz’s day.

Do you see what I just did? I told you the problem and came up with the solution.

Life did get hard though. I’m sure if my boss was reading this he would laugh out loud though and call me a baby…

I guess I’m really not used to working so much. In college I probably worked as many hours if not more, but I got to spread it out. I purposefully would schedule myself a two hour lunch to hang out with friends and nap. Some days I would even just schedule night classes so when my friends were studying I could knock out a 3 hour class and in the day time just go to the gym.

Now, that flexibility isn’t as true. The Army is interesting in the fact that I don’t get paid hourly. I get paid monthly so it doesn’t matter how many hours I work, I just need to get my taskings done. Sometimes, I could honestly get done by noon and other times I need to work ’til 10 at night. Because I’m still new and figuring out this Army thing, oftentimes these last few months, I found myself in the office until 9 at night… not horrible but way past the time my favorite burrito shop closed.

It’s also hard because being in the Army is about people and honestly, most of my soldiers don’t have to be with me that late to complete stuff. My stuff a lot of the times is admin paperwork so I need to utilize my daylight hours with them in the field and then once they go home I can type up the 30 memos I need.

My days where I get to be with my soldiers are my favorite. It does get hard to remember that though when I’m reading something called a ‘technical manual’ trying to figure out how to write a memo and what exactly I should be doing.

I learned that the hard way. Part of my job is being the arm’s room officer. NCOs and officers get additional duties on top of their normal duties to make the unit effective. Arm’s Room Officer means I have to keep the room where we store weapons secure and in compliance with state and federal law. That means any vents leading into that room needs to have security bars over it and the keys need to be inventoried and secure and the people that have access to the key to the key box don’t also have access to the arms room.

Crazy stuff that makes sense but you didn’t realize had to be in effect, or at least I didn’t.

So here we are, an Anne that wants to figure out life but an Anne that needs to manage her time better.

You know you love me,

xoxo Gossip GI Girl

The Library

I am officially in my last semester as a college student. My classes are just about set (I have one more photo class to override into) and my work schedule is complete. I’ll be organizing the rest of my time today in my nifty online schedule, entering in due dates and setting myself up for success. Although really should I count on being any more organized than I have in my 12+ previous semesters? We’ll see.

Thursdays are my “day off”. I don’t have class or work, but it’s officially my homework day. It’ll be my date days with the library. It’s been a few semesters now that I have relied on the school library as my place where I really get work done. Last year when I was in a pretty bad living situation which involved being room mates with several extremely loud people who liked to bring even more loud people home with them no matter the day or hour… I discovered the library, its silence, its free warmth, electricity and water, and its wonderful ability to put me in the mood to get work done.

Back then it was an escape. Now it’s a second home.

Reasons I love working at the library (a list):

  1. The environment. During the normal course of the semester minus midterms week and just around finals, the library is usually pretty empty, and the only people there usually are the type that want to be there. So it’s quiet, no distractions, nothing keeping you from actually doing your homework.
  2. It is a place where it is completely acceptable to drink obscene amounts of coffee without the chance of being judged. You can come in with a starbucks cup, drain it, go downstairs and buy more coffee, drink up, have your friends bring you more coffee… the people around you will just assume that you’re working on something really important.
  3. Like I mentioned before, free warmth, electricity, and water. Usually when I go to the library I make camp. I have my laptop, phone, tablet, music device, and I charge all of them. I have to have a table that has an outlet or else there’s no way I’m staying very long. Sometimes I even bring batteries for other electronics that need to be charged. The library is usually pretty warm, but almost always warmer than my apartment, so that’s a plus. And I can fill my water bottle up at a filling station as many times as I want. (When I’m not overdosing on caffeine.)
  4. It’s not just a great place to do homework. I’ve worked on NaNoWriMo, edited pictures, caught up on my tumblr posts, done bible study… whenever I just want to get away and do work on my own, the library is a fantastic place to do it.
  5. You can wear sweatpants. Nobody cares, especially during high-testing weeks. Get comfy and get to work


Short Post

I’m writing this from my phone in bed sick with food poisoning. I like to get sick at the most inconvenient times. Right now I really need to be packing for my weekend trip, getting things ready to go for school on Tuesday, cleaning my apartment, and ordering my books. Instead, I’ve been in bed all day trying to get the slightest bit better so I can try to do all those things later.

The trip that I’m supposed to go on is with my church group at school. We’re going to a conference in California with a bunch of other groups from other west coast schools. I’m super excited about it and really hoping this being sick doesn’t prevent me from going.

Short and pointless post today, but hopefully for the next one I’ll be in Cali, which will bring more interesting things to talk about.

A Little Confession…

I have a confession to make.

For years, like since I was in middle school ages ago, I have wanted to become an actress. Yeah, I know, seems like a silly confession, but for me it’s weird because I’ve never told that to anyone. But it’s also something that I think about. A lot.

I never went through with this secret dream of mine, never asked my parents for classes, kept content with school plays and silly programs here and there. I never told anyone because I thought most people would brush it off, what did it matter anyways? While I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do in college, what my major would be, my mind would wander to joining theater programs while simultaneously laughing at myself because what program would accept someone with zero training?

My sister and I went to see the new Star Wars movie today (we were absolutely blown away by it of course, if you haven’t seen it already, I would highly recommend!) It’s movies like those that really make me wonder what life would be like if I had ever decided to go down that path. I learned later on (after doing some stalker research on everyone in the movie) that the actress Daisy Ridely, who plays Rey in the film, had been an waitress just before being cast in the movie. How amazing is that? Now she’s part of this multi million dollar success, and it’s almost like her world completely turned around because of one chance.

I don’t know what it is exactly that pulls me to being an actress so much. It’s not money or fame (believe me, fame is something I’m not sure I’d ever be able to handle). But perhaps it’s the idea of a chance to be someone I could only wish to be. To pretend to have a life that’s so much more epic than the one I have.

I’ve wondered if it’s to late to get into acting, even if it’s just silly classes somewhere. I think it might be, but then I think of people like Daisy who just gave it a chance and managed to catch a break… it may only ever be a dream.

Things You Need to Be an Adult

Don’t you wish there was a how to book on being an adult? Half the struggle of life is figuring out what is expected of you. I’m here to help ease that pain by telling you six things you need to be an adult.

  1. Picture frames. There are some pretty cute dorm rooms out there but what I have noticed when I go to real houses is that no one tapes up posters to their wall anymore? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that if we have to take those posters down, it’s our plaster we are ruining not the college’s… Not sure what it means if you just have the frames leaning against the wall waiting to be put up.
  2. Extra light bulbs.
  3. A planner. I experimented with google cal for a few years and that was cool but then I would be talking to someone and wouldn’t be near a computer and it would just be awkward because I couldn’t make any solid plans. I probably made the person feel like I was avoiding going on a date with them. I currently am waiting for my planner to come in the mail and these last couple days of January have been confusing.
  4. Facebook. People make fun of Facebook but how creepy is it when you try to find someone on Facebook and they don’t have one? I know my friends and I immediately must think that person is so weird. While I get not wanting to put yourself out there it just seems important for keeping long-term connections. Maybe this is why I find it hard to connect with people… I need technology?
  5. A driver’s license. A lot of my friends in New York and New Jersey don’t have one. I get that public transportation is cool but also it’s just a life skill. Everyone should be able to help a buddy out who is too drunk or be able to save themselves in a zombie apocalypse. Also, not being able to drive outside of the tri-state area makes you become dependent on other people and it’s kinda weird.
  6. A checkbook. I admit I still need to Wiki How how to write a check.

I refuse to put things like jump cables or a barbecue on this list. I pay good money for roadside service and I’m really afraid of getting electrocuted and also I like being invited to people’s houses to barbecue and socializing but then being able to leave at my convenience and take a nap. I feel like having road side service and wanting to take naps is very adult.

The Food Photography Struggle

This past semester, I decided to take a food photography class for fun (it wasn’t required for my major). I ended up in a love/hate relationship with this class, while I found myself to be decent at food photography and I liked it enough, it really changed my outlook on the food industry in a… not so positive way.

I mentioned in my first post that food photography has changed the way I look at food advertisements, menus, anything that has a picture of food for consumer purposes has become tainted to me. I can’t pick up a package of food with a picture on it without judging the image. Reading menus isn’t simple anymore when my eyes are drawn to the images deciding whether or not I think they’re decent (though I don’t pretend to be an absolute expert on the subject.)


Salad from Tourist Home restaurant in Flagstaff, AZ. Liz Marko Photography

You start to look at things like, is the lighting good? Is the image too busy? Can I see flaws in the food? How did the photographer set up the shot? How well was the food styled? Being a photographer, in general this side-effect isn’t just noticeable with food, I find myself critiquing pictures on Christmas cards, magazines, advertisements in the mall… but I think it’s been more noticeable with food because food photography can be so picky.

After going through the class, I’ve found myself wondering if I’d like to do more food photography along with the product photography I’ve been finding myself enjoying more lately. Food photography is something that is widespread, you can use it for a lot of different purposes. Books, blogs, magazines, restaurants, the list goes on for places that need photos of food.


Chocolate Milk Splash. Liz Marko Photography 

Though I would love to start my own food blog, I sadly do not know near enough about food itself to do that… I just know how to make it look pretty. Perhaps somewhere in my job search I’ll manage to find somewhere looking for a food photographer. I think if I ever did food photography in a professional setting, the one thing I would really want to make sure I have is a food stylist. Food isn’t the easiest product to manipulate, it doesn’t always do what you want it too. While I have had no problem steaming veggies to make the color pop or getting messy for those splash pictures, sometimes it would be nice to have someone come in to give the food a makeover in advanced.