Anne is a Slytherin

There is a list of songs I need to buy that I keep in my iPhone notes. I haven’t bought them left because I have a MacBook Air because I used to have a 10 lb computer from Dell and it would hurt my back walking to my classes on campus so I overcompensated. Now, I have to store my iTunes on an external drive.

Also, I’m lazy and for some reason iTunes seems harder to access than YouTube.

I wasn’t too lazy for Taylor Swift though. She was born on my birthdate and also just really gets me.

If you really want to know me, just listen to the Red album. If you want to know who I want to be, listen to the 1989 album.

I listened to Out of the Woods on repeat non-stop for a week when 1989 came out and was disappointed it wasn’t the jukebox favorite like Shake It Off Was. It’s funny I relate to OOTW so much though because I have never had to have twenty stitches in a hospital room.

Besides Taylor Swift, I also enjoy coffee in my milk but get a kick out of all the fancy drinks you can get at local coffee shops. The more complicated, the better. I’m in the Army though so sometimes I pop caffeine pills. I sadly didn’t discover them until my senior year of college. They are truly game changers. A lot of people say it’s not healthy though? Yet, they tell me this as they sip on Monsters and Diet Coke.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I’m in the Field Artillery, which is a combat arms branch. I think I talk about that a lot but it consumes about 90 percent of my day-to-day activities.

In college, I did ROTC and I think the most important thing was that I did have a lot of civilian friends. A lot came up to me through my four years and were able to say how they were once afraid the idea of the army but now that they know me, their thoughts have changed. People in the military are just like any other person in a job. That was very important to me. The Army is a subculture but we shouldn’t be a mystery.

What I want the most out of life is to travel with friends.

I met Liz in high school. She was the older cool girl in marching band. I actually can’t remember everything? I do remember her attempts to do NaNoWriMo and that she liked John Green and Harry Potter and that is really my only criteria for initial friendship. Back then; if the sorting hat had been placed on my head, I would’ve been up there for a while deciding if I’m a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin. Since I’m a Muggle, I was able to really test out both houses. Liz is a true Ravenclaw so she let me taste what that is like. I later learned I am truly a Slytherin though but after the war, house ties didn’t have such the stigma they once did so my Slytherin self could still hang out with her.

What I want out of this blog is to become a better and more consistent writer and to push myself more creatively now that I’m out of college. Attending Fordham in New York City was awesome, but now that I’m out of those woods I’m ready for a new start where my brain isn’t doing homework every night.