Dallas, Texas

I like eating and I like using holidays as an excuse to eat a cornucopia of it.

For this long weekend I found myself in Dallas and instead of doing a lot of touristy sightseeing, I was actually just eating and drinking for 89 percent of my time.

According to one Uber driver, Dallas is the fastest growing city with the most restaurants per capita.

Coming from New York I really feel like he’s probably wrong but NYC has also taught me cabbies know things I never will so I won’t question it.

Dallas did remind me of New York though because it did have a slightly borough feel because each part of town had its own personality.

We stayed in Downtown at the Crowne Plaza on Elm St. which I guess is their NY Financial District because of all the government buildings and then businesses that cater to those who eat and work that life.  Some places of note we ate at were The Spaghetti Warehouse, Cindi’s NY Deli and  Gator’s Dallas.

The Spaghetti Warehouse is a chain but we went during happy hour and got two meals, four drinks, and dessert for under 50 bucks. What more can you ask for!?

Cindi’s NY Deli was a place where I got lox and latkes which was so filling. At Gator’s, we didn’t eat anything… Just had a giant cup of Gatorade and what seemed to be vodka? They had fun shots too like a lemon drop and a duck fart which tasted more like Bailey’s then ponds.

After visiting the museum that was made out of the book depository where Oswald shot JFK… We went to the Iron Cactus. Their queso dip was actually really weird but they made up for it in Tequila flights and awesome margaritas. This place was hip and looked over a cute courtyard.

Iron Cactus is also walking distance to Fluellen Cupcakes so for dessert we had a peanut butter cupcake, German chocolate cupcake, and cookies and cream. All of them were delicious and very Instagram worthy but for some reason I only got this picture:image

By far my favorite place to eat was PS 214 which was located in Uptown aka Dallas’ Manhattan? PS 214 was featured in Thrillist which is how I heard about it. Apparently, it is a chain that started in California but everything was designed to look like school supplies and they had food like Mac and cheese with potato chips and the most delicious burger in the world. The most noteworthy thing was their ‘almost bottomless mimosas’ which were two carafes of mimosas per person for 10 dollars.

I think I’m still recovering.


That ketchup is actually siracha and ketchup :).

For Valentine’s Day we ended up going to a place called Zen Sushi. I let John pick so I was kinda nervous but they had a prix fixe menu for the occasion that ended up being a lot of fun. It was 179 for two people and included six courses and a bottle of wine! It honesty was a little weird but all very delicious.. They started with a thick curry soup followed by a deconstructed duck dumpling. I felt like Gordon Ramsey criticizing the third course which were oysters with flavored ice on it because it was supposed to be bite sized but it was too much so I just got a brain freeze. Everything was so creative though and thought out that I really enjoyed myself and it made me feel like Kim Kardashian on V Day which is a good thing.

No champagne on my butt don’t worry.


Page, Arizona

I think everyone has the potential to travel. You just have to go.

I also don’t think traveling is necessary. For those of you who know me, you’re probably thinking that is pretty weird but I do think travel is a privilege and you do have to sacrifice a little bit to go.

It’s important not to forget how cool your area is as well.

Growing up in small town Arizona I always dreamed of going to Europe and New York and England! Yet, suddenly Arizona is becoming one of the coolest places to travel and I recently found myself in Page, Arizona.

If you haven’t heard of Page, then you’ve probably at least seen the photos of it. So many bloggers are now going and when I went there recently, my entire tour was from outside of the country.

DSC_0617It was humbling because I spent all this money trying to go to someplace like Paris and yet Parisians are trying to come to Arizona.

The grass always looks greener on the other side.

I still want to travel the world but I’m also realizing that there are a lot of hidden gems and that is definitely worth pursuing instead of just following in the footsteps of others.

My number one travel tip though: Find a tour package that sounds awesome and just write down all the places the package includes and then make your own package for cheaper.

Follow the right person; am I right?

Page not only had great sights and hiking, but amazing Mexican food which was surprising. At a drive through place called Paco’s Tacos we had authentic tortillas and real salsa.

DSC_0714Did you know that salsa made with tomatoes isn’t actually authentic? Real salsa is made out of chili peppers that’s why you’ll see the bundles of dried chili peppers hanging around.

Also, the margaritas at Fiesta Mexicana where so strong we had to take a nap afterwards.

The main sights we really enjoyed were of course Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon.

I went with my boyfriend John who is from New York and he was really fascinated by Sedona which was close by but unfortunately we really didn’t have time to explore Sedona or Flagstaff that much.

There’s always next time.