Back Up Your Computers, People.

Sorry for the absence. My computer died Wednesday (we’re assuming it’s a hard drive problem) and I’ve been making up for the loss of all of my files amongst photoshoots, work and other such busy-ness.

Not having my own computer has been an interesting experience. I don’t think I’ve been in a situation where I had to rely on community computers since I was in elementary or middle school. My family always had a home computer around, so even when I didn’t have a laptop I had a computer where I could safely store my files.

Luckily, my school is pretty good about having computers available for students to use, and they have most of the programs that I need in order to get things done. It’s just weird having to store anything I do on an external storage, as well as having to start over on everything every time I go to do work. No leaving any half-finished edited pictures up overnight for me.

I should hear back about what is actually wrong with my computer today hopefully, but until I hear otherwise, I have to assume that I have lost all of my pictures not backed up (which thankfully was not as much as I originally thought) all of my documents, and all of my music. I think the worst of all of that actually is the music, since I have original files of a lot of my pictures, and documents can be recreated when needed… but my thousands of songs organized, with artworks, from years of downloading… that one hurts.

I’ll be spending a few weekends fixing all of this once I have a working computer again.

Saturday, which should have been the day I posted, I was in Phoenix again for a cosplay photoshoot. I had a lot of fun, met some great people, but I’m still hoping that this weekend was the last of those types of trips for a while. I’d love to go back and spend more time with some of the people I have done shoots with, maybe do some individual shoots where it’s not so stressful to get everyone done, but for now, I need to concentrate on surviving the rest of the semester.

After three weekends of being away from the apartment, I definitely feel like staying in for a bit and sleeping in my own bed, just being in one place for a while… but with spring break coming up at the end of this week, that’s not going to happen. My sister and I are headed to Disneyland, and will be driving from California to Tucson for a few days after we are done with the fun.

It’s supposed to rain while we’re at Disneyland, that will be a first for us. We spent a good part of this morning reading up on what the parks are like when it rains. I’m actually excited, as long as it doesn’t rain too heavy, it will end up in our favor, hopefully it won’t be as busy as it usually is. Also the last time we went we accidentally ended up going on the  opening date of Disneyland on its 60th anniversary, so really it can only get better from there as far as crowds are concerned.

For now, I’m just concentrating on getting through this week, not ending up in a puddle due to a huge stress-enduced meltdown before Thursday afternoon.


Out of curiosity, do any of you have suggestions for laptops that would be great for photo editing and potentially gaming?

5 Long Distance Relationship Tips

  1. Admit they’re hard. It’s okay to tell your significant other you’re having a rough day or month or year with the relationship. You can admit that it’s hard and it hurts. You’ve got to talk about it.

  2. As much as possible, have a date when you can see each other again. Nothing is more frustrating or detrimental to a LDR than not knowing when you’re going to see the person next. Even if it’s something crazy like a year and a day, at least you have that so you can start counting down the days. It’s more reassuring to be able to mark off calendar days to seeing each other than to just be up in the air and unsure.
  3. If you plan Skype/Facetime dates, don’t flake out. It’s easy to have a last minute invite from friends who live in your area and to tell your significant other that you’re going to have to raincheck, but imagine what they’re going through. If it’s too last minute, they might’ve already cancelled plans just to talk to you and now they’re sitting at home alone and lonely. It’s okay if stuff comes up occasionally, but try your best to truly honor plans made in advance.
  4. Determine how you want to spend your money. My boyfriend and I know that it’s really important we not only see each other, but go on fun and often exotic vacations. This means that when we see each other, it often costs a pretty penny. Because of this, we agree ahead of time that we don’t really do things like Christmas or Birthday gifts. We might get each other something small but we would rather splurge on a hotel room and a nice dinner.
  5. Let them truly in on your life. I always let my boyfriend know about the people in my life by name so then I can be like, “oh my goodness, Mike did x, y, and z today” and even though John has never met Mike, he can start putting names to people and feel like he’s really understanding what’s going on.

Becoming a Real Photographer

I’m a photographer, that is not a secret to anyone. I have social media accounts for my photography business, I post pictures I have taken, I often talk about ideas I have for photography projects, I work at an equipment checkout facility where I deal with photography equipment almost every day, I go to school and take photography classes… my life is full of photography in all of its various aspects.

Well, sort of.

It’s funny to think, that if someone were to spend a full week with me, go to school and work with me, take part in my social events, see me while I’m at home, follow me wherever I go, and know nothing about me… they might not consider me to be a real photographer. They’d see me studying photography, working with the equipment at my job, sure. But actually taking pictures? It might happen the last day of the week for a project that’s coming due.

It’s a terrible thing to admit.


I promise, I do actually take pictures!

My problem is, I’m a timid photographer. It’s not that I don’t like taking pictures, or that I’m lazy about it, or I have no time, etc. But I’m nowhere near being considered a paparazzi. I tend to avoid taking my camera anywhere because I’m afraid it will freak people out. If I do take my camera to events I try to blend in and stay hidden instead of coming right out and letting people know I’m taking pictures. I try to stay out of the way and out of sight, which is hard to do when you’re trying to get a specific angle or lighting.

I’ve been at plenty of events or even just out and about on the town where I see photographers casually taking pictures of anything and everything. They usually don’t try to hide, they don’t seem to be worried about what people think about them taking pictures… and they get their shots, specific angle or lighting and all.

One of my goals as a photographer is to become more active in photography. Even if I’m not taking pictures at events, I want to take my camera out more, become the person who “looks” like a photographer. Perhaps I’ll gain more business that way, I’ll definitely build a better portfolio. When I went to New York, I let myself become a tourist, taking pictures of everything I could, and I think maybe I should consider that to be a normal characteristic of mine.


Some of the wonderful equipment I get to work with.

I think it’s my last step into belonging into the “world” of photography. When I first started in the photo program at my school, it was hard for me to feel like I truly belonged in the world of photography. I just wasn’t at the same level as so many of the students around me, but I learned. I definitely think that changing my “photographer personality” is the last thing I need to do to feel truly a part of it all.

Not that the learning will ever stop, of course.

Photographers, what’s some advice you would give someone diving into the world as a photographer? How do you keep your camera out and your images flowing?

Join the Club.

My sister and I recently got very fed up with lady razors (razors that are made for women.) We went to buy more razor head replacements, realized that we were going to spend 12 dollars for 3 or 4 razors that weren’t going to last us very long. We left buying some cheap disposable razors and grumbling all the way out of the store. Funny story, we had accidentally been sent a couple months worth of razor heads from Dollar Shave club, we got home, saw those sitting in the corner and just went ahead and bought a subscription. A lot cheaper and the razors look really awesome.

This is not the first time I’ve noticed something cheaper in it’s “male version” that actually worked better too. I’ve used shampoo/conditioner/shower gel combos out of boys’ showers that work (and smell) fantastic, boy’s sweatshirts were always more comfortable to wear and never that expensive since usually there aren’t brand names stamped all over them, and of course there was always the debate growing up that boys’ toys were just a little bit cooler than girls’ toys.

There are whole articles about the price differences between products for girls and boys. Reddit users have gone through a list of items that are better from the men’s side of the aisle than the women’s. All you have to do is google men’s products vs women’s products to see that the topic is a popular one.

I think most of us know why. Women are more likely to impulse buy, we are more likely to buy things that look prettier even if they’re the same product the men are using in a different color. Men want cheap things that work and that’s what they tend to get. And the unfortunate result of all of this is that women are paying way too much for our “prettier” products.

This women is ditching some of the glitter and pink (I never really liked pink anyways) for a more rugged look around the house. I have no shame in being a Dollar Shave Club member, and I have no shame buying products that are marketed toward men if they work just as well as the women’s products for a fraction of the price. What really is so wrong about that? Maybe I’ll go ahead and buy some of that shampoo/conditioner/shower gel combo stuff to go with my fancy new razor.

Ladies, what are some products targeted towards men that you prefer to use? Guys, are there any ladies products you’d like to try?

Everyday Better

An annoying thing I do is every weekend, if someone asks me we what I’m going to be doing, I always say, “Get my life together” without fail.

What I mean by that I’m never really sure. In some aspects it involves taking out the trash and doing laundry in 48 hours there just seems like a lot more I could be doing.

The problem is, I never actually sat down on my butt and started scheming how to actually get my life together. Also, I’ve never actually written out my goals. When someone mentions their goals it’s easy to be like, oh yeah me too! But I never can remember them on the in-between times which means all I’m doing is a whole lot of nothing.

Maybe I should’ve posted this on New Year’s? Alas, I’m a strong believer of always being able to start over at anytime. I don’t need the new gym membership discounts from January when I want to workout in September.

Thus, for the month of February I’m going to implement my own plan that comes from no credentials other than my musings at 9:40AM before my daily shower.

Step 1. I need role models. I have definitely been on Pinterest enough to know that ‘you’ can be your own role model but I also have been around enough to know that I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Step 2. I need to have categories of what to work on. I can’t just arbitrarily copy Friedo Kahlo’s life if I’m not interested in her politics or art. Also, saying “my job” is really broad so I think I’ll need to have really specific ideals.

Step 3. I need realistic timelines. For example, I knew I couldn’t post everyday on a blog right off the bat and I knew I couldn’t let a friend down so thus, Liz & Anne was born and it’s also okay that sometimes it’s still hard and I still haven’t done the timeline. IDK If Liz wants me to do the milk challenge as punishment I might… I’d rather the Krispy Creme challenge though.

Wow I want a doughnut now.

Okay, that’s all I got? Time to execute?

Any advice? Help?

xoxo Disorganized Child.


Things You Need to Be an Adult

Don’t you wish there was a how to book on being an adult? Half the struggle of life is figuring out what is expected of you. I’m here to help ease that pain by telling you six things you need to be an adult.

  1. Picture frames. There are some pretty cute dorm rooms out there but what I have noticed when I go to real houses is that no one tapes up posters to their wall anymore? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that if we have to take those posters down, it’s our plaster we are ruining not the college’s… Not sure what it means if you just have the frames leaning against the wall waiting to be put up.
  2. Extra light bulbs.
  3. A planner. I experimented with google cal for a few years and that was cool but then I would be talking to someone and wouldn’t be near a computer and it would just be awkward because I couldn’t make any solid plans. I probably made the person feel like I was avoiding going on a date with them. I currently am waiting for my planner to come in the mail and these last couple days of January have been confusing.
  4. Facebook. People make fun of Facebook but how creepy is it when you try to find someone on Facebook and they don’t have one? I know my friends and I immediately must think that person is so weird. While I get not wanting to put yourself out there it just seems important for keeping long-term connections. Maybe this is why I find it hard to connect with people… I need technology?
  5. A driver’s license. A lot of my friends in New York and New Jersey don’t have one. I get that public transportation is cool but also it’s just a life skill. Everyone should be able to help a buddy out who is too drunk or be able to save themselves in a zombie apocalypse. Also, not being able to drive outside of the tri-state area makes you become dependent on other people and it’s kinda weird.
  6. A checkbook. I admit I still need to Wiki How how to write a check.

I refuse to put things like jump cables or a barbecue on this list. I pay good money for roadside service and I’m really afraid of getting electrocuted and also I like being invited to people’s houses to barbecue and socializing but then being able to leave at my convenience and take a nap. I feel like having road side service and wanting to take naps is very adult.