Why Is Liz So Stressed Out?

Entering in to my last semester of college, I thought everything would be business as usual, nothing too crazy, that I would just get through my classes for the last time and graduate.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

This semester I decided on four classes: three photo classes and an online business class that would last for the first half of the semester. Sounds pretty simple, but it’s proven to be the ingredients to the busiest, most time consuming group of classes I think I’ve ever taken in all of my college years. Three photo classes is just not as easy and carefree as it sounds, really.

To be fair, it’s not only my classes that are taking up my time, work and social life events are also a factor. This year has been the busiest socially for me, which I’m really alright with, and with my new position at work, I have more hours there and less time at work that I get to work on other things since I don’t just sit at a desk the whole time anymore.

It would probably help my case if I took better care of myself. Somehow I have been sick for most of the semester, and it seems like I haven’t been 100% healthy at any given time. My eating habits aren’t the best (though I am working on that) and I definitely don’t drink enough water to keep my body happy (also working on that.) I don’t get enough sleep, but that isn’t all my fault. Noisy room mates who don’t sleep and have no regard to others who may want to be sleeping tend to keep you awake it would seem.

This weekend coming up will be the third weekend in a row that I’m traveling, and the second one of the three wheee I’ll be doing a big shoot. After the last weekend I did traveling and with big important shoots, I have to admit I wonder if I can handle it again so soon. It may require very high amounts of caffeine, some crying, and a very decent playlist to get me through.

I plan on actively trying to fix some of my issues, working to keep myself organized and healthy. It just feels as if I’m adding more to my plate by trying to fix those issues while trying to keep up with the rest of life.

I shouldn’t complain too much, this is probably pretty close to what life after college will be like, crazy and full of stress, but I can only wish that things are especially crazy right now and I won’t actually have to go through lack of sleep and being overwhelmed so often in life when I’m done with school.

I Suck at Sleep

I got a FitBit Charge for Christmas, and I’ve been wearing it every day since. One of the things that it records for you is how much sleep you get every night, and what the quality of sleep you get is.

So for example, here’s my sleep from Monday:screenshot_2016-02-15-23-43-50.png

Do you see that time I was actually asleep? 3 hours and 39 minutes! I’ve looked it up, and this isn’t a good thing. I’m apparently a very restless sleeper, and that definitely explains why I’m so tired all the time… at least I think it does.

So what do I do to fix this? I’ve looked up all of the tips and tricks to getting better sleep and what’s funny is all of the suggestions I’ve found, I do quite the opposite for normally. Quitting caffeine at 4 PM? Well right now it’s 11:45 and I’m still sipping on some green tea, so I’ve failed that one. Keeping away from bright screens an hour before bed? Well, I like to do this thing where I get on my phone just to “check” things quickly, and end up on my phone for another half hour while laying in bed. Keeping a sleep schedule and waking up at the same time every day? Well it doesn’t seem to help much setting an alarm and trying to get up when you didn’t get any real sleep during the night and you feel like your body is pure iron.

If there’s any light in the room I can’t sleep, if there’s too much noise (which with my current room mate who likes to stay up until 4am playing video games, there’s definitely too much noise), I can’t sleep. If I think too much while laying in bed, I could be up for hours, and sometimes even when everything seems to be in perfect condition, my body just decides sleep is overrated.

I suck at sleep. I think I’ve always had issues with sleep, whether it’s been falling asleep, or staying asleep or getting no sleep at all, I just tend to be terrible at getting proper sleep. I think it might be time to see someone professional about it. I’m starting to be a bit of a zombie at school and work.

Or perhaps I can just start taking some of those tips and tricks seriously from now on…