The One Word Challenge

So going along with the New Year’s resolutions, my church does this thing where you are challenged to pick one word that you want to focus on to lead your life during the year. Of course, since it is a church thing, usually people choose words that are related to our faith, or that help us to connect better to God during our year ahead. For example, my pastor last year chose the word “generous”. Through this word he reminded himself to be more generous with his time, help and even his money throughout the year of 2015.

Although this is something that I learned about through church, I think it’s an interesting concept that anyone could use to make a bit of change in their lives this year. Think about the usual way people make resolutions… it’s a list of things that sound absolutely wonderful, losing weight, getting healthy, spending less, getting organized, making yourself new. But the list grows long for most people and pretty soon all of those wonderful changes you would like to make are overwhelming. It’s tough wanting to be the best you can be when there’s so much to focus on to get to that point.

I think what works great for the “One Word” idea is that you focus on this single idea, but at the same time, one idea can impact so many aspects of your life if you let it. You can make a widespread difference to your life without having to overwhelm yourself with so many goals.


Slightly blurry picture of my pretty church…

So after getting the challenge to choose my one word, I did some digging, both in my soul and in my life generally and I discovered that something I really wanted to achieve for myself was to become that person who everyone can feel comfortable with, to really stop being so negative, stop bringing myself down (and bringing others down indirectly). I want to be able to hold my head up high and take on every situation with grace, and really I want to show my faith through my every day actions.

The word that kept coming to me while think about all of this was “Light”. To be a light in a world continually becoming darker is something that I’d really like to accomplish. I think it’s fitting in my life, since I work with light so much in my photography, and I think it’s a general enough word that I can really use it to make some much needed changes for myself.


So I’m curious to know, if you could focus on One Word to make some changes in your life, what would it be?