Bucket List

My sister and I were recently talking about traveling after graduation. We each have some money we had originally saved up for a summer trip that never worked out. As we talked about all the places we wanted to go, the list kept growing longer and longer, and we never really decided on a place to go.

It made me think though, I really need a new bucket list. Not just an updated one, but really a new one with new ideas as the person I am now. Especially now that I’m graduating and I’m going to be in the real world, I don’t want my life to become mundane and boring all the time. I want to be able to look forward to things and keep some excitement in my life, even if it’s only once in a while that I get to do it.

So here’s a short list of the types of things that would probably make it to my official bucket list, if I ever get around to actually making an official bucket list.

  • Run a Disneyland Half Marathon
  • Read 1,000 books
  • Go to Comic Con in cosplay
  • Learn to make really good coffee
  • Adopt a Corgi
  • Learn another language and speak it fluently
  • Get engaged at Disneyland (the engaging is optional, the Disneyland part is not)
  • Visit Hobbiton
  • Get a book published
  • Go to a Stanley Cup playoff game
  • Travel through Europe
  • Have my photography published
  • Meet a penguin

What’s on your bucket list?

Singles Awareness

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, you probably know what today is. Out of all of the Holidays celebrated around the world, the one many will be celebrating today is by far the worst in my eyes. I’ve never liked it, no matter what relationship status I’ve got set on my Facebook, this day is never one I look forward to. It’s a view I share with many people, but I’m not here to just complain about it.

This year, I am single. Let me tell you, I think I do life much better single. I might ultimately get married one day, and I have nothing against that thought in general, but as the person I am today, the single life is my thing.

I enjoy not having to live my days around another person. I enjoy having my bed to myself, and getting to eat all my food, and not having to spend extra money on someone else. And yeah, when I see certain couples around I get a little lonely, but I tend to get over that pretty quick when I don’t have to fight with someone else over what movie to watch. That’s simply the place I am in my life, where being on my own sounds so much more appealing.

So what will I be doing today since I’m so very single? Here’s my list…

  1. Sleeping in. In my own bed, with all of the covers to myself.
  2. Eating whatever I want. If I go out for food it will be take out, I’ll eat my choice of noms at home on the couch and it will be great. No waiting for reservation times.
  3. Wearing sweat pants all day. No uncomfortable dresses or heels for this lady. At least not today.
  4. Slaying dragons. I’ll have a hot date with my XBOX.
  5. Preparing myself for day-after chocolate sales. Half price chocolate is so great.

If you are single today, and are sad because you don’t have a date, I urge you, don’t be. Just because you are single on the one day society makes it especially unfortunate to be single, does not make you any less awesome as a person. Take this opportunity to have a date with yourself, to really make yourself feel special without needing someone else to do that for you. I promise you, your relationship status on this day does not measure your worth.

For all of you who are not single today and are celebrating, I hope you have fun and enjoy your time with whoever you call “bae.”

How will you be spending Singles Awareness Day?

The Library

I am officially in my last semester as a college student. My classes are just about set (I have one more photo class to override into) and my work schedule is complete. I’ll be organizing the rest of my time today in my nifty online schedule, entering in due dates and setting myself up for success. Although really should I count on being any more organized than I have in my 12+ previous semesters? We’ll see.

Thursdays are my “day off”. I don’t have class or work, but it’s officially my homework day. It’ll be my date days with the library. It’s been a few semesters now that I have relied on the school library as my place where I really get work done. Last year when I was in a pretty bad living situation which involved being room mates with several extremely loud people who liked to bring even more loud people home with them no matter the day or hour… I discovered the library, its silence, its free warmth, electricity and water, and its wonderful ability to put me in the mood to get work done.

Back then it was an escape. Now it’s a second home.

Reasons I love working at the library (a list):

  1. The environment. During the normal course of the semester minus midterms week and just around finals, the library is usually pretty empty, and the only people there usually are the type that want to be there. So it’s quiet, no distractions, nothing keeping you from actually doing your homework.
  2. It is a place where it is completely acceptable to drink obscene amounts of coffee without the chance of being judged. You can come in with a starbucks cup, drain it, go downstairs and buy more coffee, drink up, have your friends bring you more coffee… the people around you will just assume that you’re working on something really important.
  3. Like I mentioned before, free warmth, electricity, and water. Usually when I go to the library I make camp. I have my laptop, phone, tablet, music device, and I charge all of them. I have to have a table that has an outlet or else there’s no way I’m staying very long. Sometimes I even bring batteries for other electronics that need to be charged. The library is usually pretty warm, but almost always warmer than my apartment, so that’s a plus. And I can fill my water bottle up at a filling station as many times as I want. (When I’m not overdosing on caffeine.)
  4. It’s not just a great place to do homework. I’ve worked on NaNoWriMo, edited pictures, caught up on my tumblr posts, done bible study… whenever I just want to get away and do work on my own, the library is a fantastic place to do it.
  5. You can wear sweatpants. Nobody cares, especially during high-testing weeks. Get comfy and get to work


Things You Need to Be an Adult

Don’t you wish there was a how to book on being an adult? Half the struggle of life is figuring out what is expected of you. I’m here to help ease that pain by telling you six things you need to be an adult.

  1. Picture frames. There are some pretty cute dorm rooms out there but what I have noticed when I go to real houses is that no one tapes up posters to their wall anymore? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that if we have to take those posters down, it’s our plaster we are ruining not the college’s… Not sure what it means if you just have the frames leaning against the wall waiting to be put up.
  2. Extra light bulbs.
  3. A planner. I experimented with google cal for a few years and that was cool but then I would be talking to someone and wouldn’t be near a computer and it would just be awkward because I couldn’t make any solid plans. I probably made the person feel like I was avoiding going on a date with them. I currently am waiting for my planner to come in the mail and these last couple days of January have been confusing.
  4. Facebook. People make fun of Facebook but how creepy is it when you try to find someone on Facebook and they don’t have one? I know my friends and I immediately must think that person is so weird. While I get not wanting to put yourself out there it just seems important for keeping long-term connections. Maybe this is why I find it hard to connect with people… I need technology?
  5. A driver’s license. A lot of my friends in New York and New Jersey don’t have one. I get that public transportation is cool but also it’s just a life skill. Everyone should be able to help a buddy out who is too drunk or be able to save themselves in a zombie apocalypse. Also, not being able to drive outside of the tri-state area makes you become dependent on other people and it’s kinda weird.
  6. A checkbook. I admit I still need to Wiki How how to write a check.

I refuse to put things like jump cables or a barbecue on this list. I pay good money for roadside service and I’m really afraid of getting electrocuted and also I like being invited to people’s houses to barbecue and socializing but then being able to leave at my convenience and take a nap. I feel like having road side service and wanting to take naps is very adult.