Everyday Better: Fitness

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I would like to say I’m pretty in shape. When it comes to the Army, that’s part of my job. We get evaluated on our fitness through a simple test of push-ups in two minutes, sit-ups in two minutes, and then a two mile run. The amount of push-ups and sit-ups and the time you have to run your two mile in is based on your age and gender.

You can see what you would score here.

On the female scale for my age, I often ‘max it’ meaning I get the most points possible in each category giving me a 300. But, with changes in the Army with more opportunities for females and my job being combat arms, I expect this ‘female scale’ to go away. I have to score around a 340 on the female scale to come close to a 270 on the male scale. Whether that’s fair or not is a different debate, but it does show a different level of ‘combat readiness’.


My soldiers holding up a tire for a timed competition.

For example, in artillery we have different types of ammo based on what effect you want. If you want a big bang, there’s a type for that, if you want light in the night, we also have one for that. These different rounds have different weights and some weigh more than 110 pounds.

My body weighs 120.

Needless to say, I need someone to help me lift those rounds. There are a lot of people, male or female, that can lift those rounds alone yet have a lower fitness score than me.

I’m not saying that the only reason to get in shape is for my job but I’m also not saying I’m a slacker. I recognize where I want to be fitness wise while acknowledging that I do have a decent amount of accomplishments too.

So, by the end of February I do want to start lifting weights because right now all I do it push-ups or variations of them. I also want to look in the mirror and see muscles on my back and arms and even my abs.

Summer is soon!

Again, with my schedule it is hard to figure out how to do this but I think if I do my mandatory physical fitness Monday – Friday with the Army, which is mostly just running, but also dedicate Monday morning to an hour run then Saturday and Sunday I can do weight training.

I’ve also always wondered about getting a personnel trainer so I might save and do that just because I don’t know how to do free weights while feeling safe at the same time. Plus, it’ll give me motivation to show up because I paid for the service!

Also, no more fast food! Okay, that’s not fair to me I can’t go cold turkey…. only once a week in February and none by March. This means I need to figure out meal prep a lot better. I did it recently for a week and by Wednesday I thought the food was bland and it was unappealing to me. I cooked chicken and pasta dishes and gave myself a salad to go with it.


Everyday Better: Blogging

This Post I talk about how I want to get my life together and one way to do that is to separate into categories and blogging is one of my categories.

The reason I want to be good at blogging is because I enjoy writing in general. Most blogging tips say that in order to have a good blog, you have to have one topic. If you do it that way, a person who is interested in make-up finds your blog because of your make-up post then keeps clicking and following because you have more make-up posts and now, they become a follower. You lose them because if you only have one make-up post and the rest are about hiking, why would they care?

I figured by making this blog with Liz I would have the freedom to write what I want to write about without the pressure of having to stick to something besides what I know best, my life. This way, I can see trends of what I write about because honestly, I don’t know what type of blog I want to have next year.

I really love lifestyle blogs like nicoleantoinette.com but even she has a niche… goal setting and working out. Other blogs like laurenconrad.com… I’m not even sure, being girly and stylish I guess?

What do they have in common though? A lot of content and good writing and in blogs like Lauren Conrad’s, great photos and how-tos.

What can I control? I suppose photos and content. Ironically, I took none of the photos in the post yet I love photography. I already see a way to improve! And I role models now too.

Pretty soon I’ll have my own high end make-up brand like Lauren right?

Blogging is fun though because I do creep on a lot of people’s blogs and my new goal is for every blog I read a whole post from, I leave a comment because blogging is also about networking and being able to talk to people because it is a public space.

With my busy schedule, I think the way to meet my goals is just to produce content so I’m ahead, then when I find time, write more. I need to write even if it’s not my day to post because who knows what my schedule will be like the next day. At the same time, I need to breathe and proof read and add fun photos because this isn’t a journal, it’s a blog. Even when I briefly interned at a blog site, we had to put photos but the word count wasn’t a requirement just photos and quality content, not quantity.

Everyday Better

An annoying thing I do is every weekend, if someone asks me we what I’m going to be doing, I always say, “Get my life together” without fail.

What I mean by that I’m never really sure. In some aspects it involves taking out the trash and doing laundry in 48 hours there just seems like a lot more I could be doing.

The problem is, I never actually sat down on my butt and started scheming how to actually get my life together. Also, I’ve never actually written out my goals. When someone mentions their goals it’s easy to be like, oh yeah me too! But I never can remember them on the in-between times which means all I’m doing is a whole lot of nothing.

Maybe I should’ve posted this on New Year’s? Alas, I’m a strong believer of always being able to start over at anytime. I don’t need the new gym membership discounts from January when I want to workout in September.

Thus, for the month of February I’m going to implement my own plan that comes from no credentials other than my musings at 9:40AM before my daily shower.

Step 1. I need role models. I have definitely been on Pinterest enough to know that ‘you’ can be your own role model but I also have been around enough to know that I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Step 2. I need to have categories of what to work on. I can’t just arbitrarily copy Friedo Kahlo’s life if I’m not interested in her politics or art. Also, saying “my job” is really broad so I think I’ll need to have really specific ideals.

Step 3. I need realistic timelines. For example, I knew I couldn’t post everyday on a blog right off the bat and I knew I couldn’t let a friend down so thus, Liz & Anne was born and it’s also okay that sometimes it’s still hard and I still haven’t done the timeline. IDK If Liz wants me to do the milk challenge as punishment I might… I’d rather the Krispy Creme challenge though.

Wow I want a doughnut now.

Okay, that’s all I got? Time to execute?

Any advice? Help?

xoxo Disorganized Child.