I Love Disneyland

Let me tell you a thing about my love for Disneyland.

My first trip to any Disney Parks when I was younger was a Christmas gift. My family went to Disney World and on one of the Disney cruises when I was 10 years old. 15 years later I still remember how absolutely fantastic this trip was. It was one of those really special trips, we stayed in one of the park hotels, had busses take us everywhere, didn’t have to worry about carting around luggage or items we bought at the park, literally everything was taken care of for us. It was incredible for a 1o year old, and I’m sure if I went through it all again today (I wish) it would still be incredible to me.

So you would think that after the grand Disney experience I went through as a kid that Disneyland would seem small and not quite as exciting, so on. My first time at Disneyland I was 15, and I loved it. It didn’t seem to small, not enough, not exciting… it was magical.


Baby me and sis. (2010?)

Since then I’ve been another four times, once with band, twice on impulse trips with friends, and my sister and I just made plans to go again during spring break of this year.


The time we made special shirts. (2012)

My love for Disneyland runs so deep that I am even willing to train to run 13.1 miles for another excuse to go. I’m currently getting back into running, hoping that this time around I can train for one of the Disneyland half marathons. (If you’re interested in my journey you can follow my¬†running blog, it’s pretty cool.)

So when I’ve been hearing lately so many people complaining about Disneyland, it really hurts my Disney Princess heart. I’ve seen comments about the prices for the year-long passes, complaints about the construction that will be happening for the new Star Wars land, complaints about the crowds, about the food, about the rides… anything that could be complained about has been on social media.

It just floors me that people don’t seem to understand that although it’s Disneyland and it’s full of magic, not every problem is so easily solved. It is a running business, and a popular one at that, and there are going to be issues that don’t please every single person that goes through the park gates. It reminds me of the older people who would come into the retail store I worked at who would order me to change “my” prices and to change “my” policies or else they would stop shopping there. If you don’t like it, stop going, there are plenty of other people who are fine with the way things are and will continue giving business.

I’ll be one of the many to say this, but, I think Disneyland is fantastic. The point of these parks is to spend a day or two forgetting about the terrible things that happen in the world. You go to experience childhood again. It’s meant to be fun and free and magical. Sure you have to wait in lines to ride the rides, but I’m willing to bet that after you actually ride the rides you’ve forgotten about the lines. As for the prices, I don’t personally buy the year long passes (though I wish I could go any time I wanted during the year), but for a broke college student, part of the reason Disneyland is so freakin special is because I have to SAVE UP to be able to buy tickets. No, it’s not cheap, but I make up for the price of a ticket by having an AWESOME time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.47.30 PM

Most recent trip, yes my hair is purple. (2015)