A Day in the Life of Anne


Source: Mindy and Anne Collaboration Project, probably.

If Mindy Kaling can write her day, can’t I?

4:55AM My stress alarm goes off. I don’t actually really have to be up yet but this makes sure I won’t miss the one that matters.

5:00AM If I’m feeling peppy, this is the one I should get up to.

5:10AM Actually get up to this alarm.

5:15AM Turn off 10 other alarms set.

5:30 something AM Leave house… I like beating my soldiers to work and also getting to work to check my email in peace.

6:30AM Stand in formation and salute the flag with my platoon.

6:35AM Stretch.

6:50AM Running, if I had to bet on it.

7:15AM Check watch and wonder why 8AM is so far away.

8:00AM Go home to shower.

8:50AM Drink coffee.

9:00AM Leave for work.

Morning at work: There is probably a slideshow I have due by lunch so I should probably do that.

Afternoon at work: Everything hits the fan so probably try to get a vehicle to fun location I need to Google Map and then stop my driver from going under things that will break off the antennas. Also, making sure we have all our equipment. That was to be done monthly and usually takes half the month to do.

7:00PM Go home and debate furiously with myself about whether I should get Taco Bell or not.

7:10PM Sit in the Taco Bell drive thru.

7:30PM Watch New Girl or Bob’s Burgers while texting jokes to people at work.

8:10PM Procrastinate laying out clothes for next day.

9:00PM Sleep aka play on FB in bed.

I’m like the same person as Mindy Kaling’s character Mindy from The Mindy Project except less fun dates to gossip about on weeknights.