Apartment Brain

IMG_2667Last night I found myself sober at a casino and ended up driving a few new friends home and ending up in my own bed at 5:15AM.

Surprisingly, I didn’t sleep in as late as you might’ve expected which I suspect is going to bite me in the butt later. Despite all that nonsense, I am starting to get a little bit of a rhythm here down in Louisiana. I have my day to day schedule but now I’m getting to know people and learning how to complete things without having to pester too many people.

I have noticed though that the more stressed out I am throughout the day, the more my car and house reflects that.

For example, on a week that was particularly bad I needed to drive one of my soldiers to the motorpool (the place where all our military vehicles are secured) and I had to essentially lift the car mat completely out of the passenger seat and just throw it in my truck.

My soldier then informed me about Scentsy car fresheners.

So, it definitely could’ve been worse but it made me take a good look around myself. I don’t have my shit together in the ways that I can control it.

Sometimes, there are situations and events where there is truly nothing you can do to prevent the destruction from happening. But, in the meantime, you might as well control what you can.

For me that means busting my butt to get my apartment and car not disgusting.

I think a good rule of thumb is if your boss had to visit your house for an emergency would you you be embarrassed or would you let him use your bathroom and look in your laundry room?

Right now I wouldn’t.

Today I have made some steps by systematically going through each room and cleaning up. I also got a new queen bed to replace my twin so my workout this weekend was getting the twin bed to the guest bedroom then lugging up the queen to the top of my stairs then getting it in the corner of my current room.

It caused me to break a sweat but also feel productive.


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